Six Month Smiles is a popular option to straighten a smile fast.
If you’re interested in straightening your smile in about six months, we serve Madison and nearby Inglewood, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, and East Nashville areas. Dr. Kshatri, Dr. Law, and our entire Madison Smiles team would be happy to help you explore whether or not you are a good candidate for Six Month Smiles or alternatives.

Signs that Six Month Smiles Could be Right for Me:

I’m embarrassed about smiling

-Many people wish their smile was straighter. Crowding, overlapping teeth, or gaps in the mouth are very common. There are great options that can help, and it doesn’t mean you have to wear braces for two or three years. It is possible to straighten your smile fast.

I want adult braces that are invisible or close to invisible

-Many people in and around Madison, WI who want to explore teeth straightening are interested in an invisible alternative to metal braces. Six Month Smiles consist of clear and tooth colored wires and brackets, and are ideal for many adults.

A Unique Orthodontic Treatment

Many of those who try to smile without showing teeth or who cover their mouth with their hand like the idea of Six Month Smiles. Clear and tooth colored teeth straightening that takes less than a year can make a big difference and cost significantly less than traditional braces.

Cosmetic Braces that Are Affordable and Nearly Invisible

Six Month Smiles® orthodontic treatments are a cutting-edge system for those who want an alternative to braces.

Some Benefits of Six Month Smiles:

• Fast. 6 Months is the average treatment time.
• Practically invisible.
• Comfortable appointments leveraging tray kits.
• A great option for those considering braces or dental veneers. This is much more affordable.

How Does Six Month Smiles Straighten Teeth in Half a Year?

This system focuses on the most visible teeth in your smile, rather than your entire mouth. This won’t correct bite issues.

Book a Six-Month Smiles Consultation with Madison Smiles

Ready to find out more about this alternative to braces? We are your local Madison, WI dental office and are happy to help you explore this and other cosmetic dental treatments to help you find the right option for your smile, your budget, and your lifestyle.

How Much Does It Cost for Six Month Smiles in Madison, WI?

Costs for various dental procedures in Madison and the nearby area vary and are based on your unique needs. We do offer dental financing options and have promotions happening that include a free electric toothbrush (valued at $200+) and a Six Month Smiles t-shirt (while supplies last). Call us to learn more.

*Our blog is informational and does not replace medical advice. Please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with Dr. Kshatri or Dr. Law in order to learn more about whether or not this dental treatment is right for you.

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