Madison Dental Implants, an Amazing Alternative to Dentures

Are you looking at options for replacing missing teeth? The sooner you replace that missing tooth, the better. Missing teeth will impact the look of your jawline, can result in your neighboring teeth shifting, and you can quickly lose bone density. Before you opt for dentures, consider the many benefits of dental implants. Dental implants are not new. They’ve been used successfully for decades. And they offer the closest alternative possible to your natural teeth. Here at Madison Family Dental we would be happy to help you explore whether or not you could be a good candidate for implant restorations.

Dental Implants Benefits

Implant restorations are permanent. There’s no worry about getting caught without your teeth, there’s no fear of slippage, no dealing with denture cleaners or adhesives. And unlike dentures, there’s no limit to the type of foods you can enjoy with dental implants, which behave just like regular teeth. The dental implant is permanently attached to your jaw through a titanium post. The dental implant will fit into your mouth seamlessly, looking completely natural. You can get implant restorations for one tooth or multiple teeth. We would be happy to help you learn more.

It’s important to follow your dentist’s orders so that your dental implant will fuse properly to your jaw. Good bone density, excellent oral hygiene, and avoiding tobacco are all vital to the success of your dental implant. Dental implant failure rarely happens when patients follow the doctor’s orders.

For those who want smile improvements but who are not good dental implant candidates, we can help you explore alternatives, such as dentures that look natural and that function exceptionally well.


Reasons to Choose Dr. Raj for Dental Implants in Madison

At Madison Family Dental, Book a Special $89 Dental Consultation at Madison Family Dental. We have a very high success rate and patient satisfaction rate with dental implants and we would be pleased to help you learn more about dental implants, dentures, and other smile improvement options that can give you something to truly smile about. Your smile is worth investing in and to help with that, we also offer dental financing. Yes, dental implants involve a heftier investment than some alternatives but that investment can last a lifetime and with all the above mentioned benefits of dental implants, you owe it to yourself to investigate this option.


Book a Special $89 Dental Consultation at Madison Family Dental

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