Babies benefit from oral hygiene early on. Cleaning baby’s gums is important and will help set them up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Fresh gauze around your clean finger can help keep baby’s tongue and gums clean until first teeth start to poke through.

Start Early

Don’t wait until your child has loose teeth, are getting in their adult teeth, and don’t wait until a problem presents itself before taking your child to the dentist for their first check-up.

As soon as first teeth come in, it’s wise to see the dentist. The dentist can look for any signs of problems as well as get your child acquainted with the dentist. Early habits established can last a lifetime!

Supervise and Participate

You don’t want your child swallowing toothpaste and you don’t want them to miss important elements of oral hygiene so it’s wise to supervise teeth brushing and to consider brushing your child’s teeth for them at a young age as well as getting them involved. Mom or Dad’s turn and then ‘your turn’ is a good approach to take.

Dental aids can help, too. Timers, character toothbrushes, and rinses can aid in the process as well as ensure that your child is motivated to brush their teeth well.

Be mindful of the food you feed your toddler, too, as many toddler style foods stick to teeth. Dental sealants may be something you want to explore with your dentist as well as they can protect baby teeth as well as adult teeth from tooth decay.

A Good Attitude

Speaking positively about the dentist goes a long way with kids. Children often learn fear of the dentist from their parents or other kids who feel they’ve had a bad experience. Being positive about the experience and choosing a dental office that caters to keeping kids comfortable and creating a good experience can help in a big way in terms of avoiding dental fears.

Choose Your Child’s Dentist Carefully

Whether you need pediatric dentistry or want a new dentist for an elderly family member, the right dentist makes a big difference. Madison Family Dental would be pleased to meet with you for a consultation to help you review options for dentistry for the entire family. Learn more by visiting our site to check out our Madison dental office. Feel free to call with questions and / or to book a consultation.

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