If you want a whiter smile, you’ll want to talk to your dentist about safe teeth whitening options.  

  • Not all over-the-counter whitening products are effective.
  • Not all of them are safe for tooth enamel.

As Seen on TV Teeth Whitening Products: There are a number of product sold online or in pop-up stores that sell products with strong claims. Be careful about what you choose to put in your mouth. Some paint-on teeth whitening products aren’t safe for tooth enamel and some could contain potentially dangerous-to-ingest ingredients as well as cause tooth sensitivity.

Supermarket / Big Box Store Products to Whiten Teeth: Look for products that are endorsed by the American Dental Association but be aware that many over-the-counter products just don’t deliver dramatic results.

Getting Teeth Whitened Professionally

Our patients LOVE our whitening options! We offer a quick and easy, a custom system, and the best package that includes  in-office teeth whitening and a custom tray set. If you have stained teeth (tobacco stains, coffee or red wine, etc), yellowing teeth, or stains from tetracycline, talk to us about options. Many professional-quality teeth whitening products, such as Opalescence, could make the difference you are looking for.  And not only will you see a marked difference but you’ll know that if your dentist recommends it, it is actually safe.

Book a consultation with our Madison Family Dental team and find out about your teeth whitening options.

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