If you have sensitive teeth you probably cringe at the idea of something cold. Have you noticed increasing sensitivity recently? Or have you always had it? Some people use special sensitivity toothpaste, use straws to avoid cold sensitivity, and stay away from cold beverages. There may be help from your dentist, too. Talk to your Madison dentist about sensitive teeth so your dentist can determine why this is happening as well as offer potential solutions for you.

Dental Work Repairs

Damaged dental work could be leaving you susceptible to tooth sensitivity. You might need fillings repaired, may need a crown to cover a root canal or cracked tooth, or other dental work could make a difference. Cosmetic dental and restorative dentistry procedures could be a big help.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease causes gums to recede and this could mean that you’ve got exposed roots. A periodontal check-up is done every 6 months for the average person who visits their dentist as scheduled. Those with periodontal disease can be put on a maintenance schedule after initial treatment, such as a gum graft, which can help ensure that periodontal disease doesn’t worsen.

Damaged Tooth Enamel

Do you grind your teeth in your sleep? A mouth guard can be a custom-designed solution to stop teeth grinding and stop you from causing further damage to your teeth and jaw.

Dental enamel can weaken for a variety of reasons, such as acidic foods and beverages and being too harsh with the toothbrush. If you want help with sensitive teeth, Doctor Kshatri and the team at Madison Family Dental can help. At your next dental appointment talk to Dr. Kshatri or one of his team members about your sensitive teeth. We are taking on new patients at Madison Family Dental and would be happy to help!

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