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If you are interested in finding a new dentist in the Nashville or Madison area, look no further than Madison Family Dental. We offer everything from dental cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and gum disease treatment to help with bruxism and TMJ, veneers, dental implants, and more. Madison Family Dental has the skills and the dental technology to help you get and keep a gorgeous smile.

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Madison Dentists Provide Periodontal Assessments and Treatment to Lower Risk of Cancer Due to Gum Disease

Gum disease can do more than put you at risk for tooth loss. It can also significantly boost your risk of several Cancers, including: blood, kidney, and pancreatic cancer.

What might start off as some tenderness in the gums or bleeding gums during tooth-brushing could result in a plethora of health problems. Your best defense against gum disease is prevention. At Madison Family Dentistry, Doctors Law and Kshatri have your gums examined at every check-up. If you are found to have mild, moderate, or severe periodontal disease, further action needs to be taken.

Systemic Links

Gum disease means ongoing bacteria in your body. This puts the immune system under tremendous stress. Links to untreated gum disease include: diabetes, stroke, heart disease, pregnancy complications, ulcers, and other health problems in addition to the connection between gum disease and cancer.

Treatment for Gum Disease at Madison Family Dental

Early detection makes periodontal disease easier to treat and lowers your risk of Cancer and other systemic links. Scaling and root planing is one highly-effective approach and that’s something that Dr. Raj can offer. If gum disease is found, gum treatments may vary depending on severity but a rigid maintenance schedule can maximize your chances of stopping it from progressing, stopping it from resulting in tooth loss, and stopping periodontal disease from increasing your risk of Cancer and other health problems.

Reasons to Choose Dr. Raj in Madison, TN for Gum Disease Treatment

The earlier periodontal disease is found, the better. Whether you have early stage gingivitis or your gums are putting your health at risk, Madison Family Dental would be pleased to help you. We have an excellent reputation as Madison dentists who offer family, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry in a great environment.

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Our Popular Procedures


Our Popular Procedures


Madison Family Dental goes beyond the ordinary services of the average dental office. In addition to the routine cleaning and x-rays, we perform everything from tooth whitening to treatment for TMJ pain. Many of our patients are surprised to learn the connection between dental health and ailments that seem far removed from problems of the teeth and gums. For example, we also successfully use dentistry to address sleep apnea.

Additionally, we provide a range of periodontal services to keep your gums healthy. We educate our patients on the importance of staying alert for early signs of gum problems because they can easily lead to even more serious issues. Good gum hygiene is crucial for our patients who also struggle with diabetes.

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