Periodontal Treatment, Systemic Links, and Gum Disease Prevention

With 8 out of 10 people in the U.S. having some degree of gum disease and the fact that gum disease could cost you more than your teeth in terms of health and wellness, gum disease treatment is essential. Early treatment offers the best chance of stopping gum disease from destroying your health. Madison Family Dentaldoctors Rajan Kshatri, DDS and J. Michael Law, DDS as well as their Madison, TN dental team can help you avoid gum disease, can help those with signs of gum disease with gum disease treatment as well as ongoing maintenance, and for those of you who already have heart disease, are at risk of stroke, or who have diabetes it’s important to talk to us. The right periodontal health management can make a difference in your oral health as well as your systemic health, too.

The Importance of Prevention or Early Detection of Gum Disease

Gum neglect can lead to receding gums and more hiding places for oral bacteria. The results can be disastrous. Over time as the gum pockets deepen you’ll increase the chances of tooth loss as well as periodontal disease. Once it starts, it can be challenging to control. Gum disease maintenance is a must for stopping the disease from ravaging your mouth, causing tooth loss, and for stopping the oral bacteria from infecting the body via the bloodstream as well as the respiratory system.
Gum disease systemic links include higher risk of some diseases like cardiovascular disease and several cancers. Gum disease can cause chronic respiratory infections. Periodontal disease can cause pregnancy complications such as pre-term labor, and gum disease when you have Diabetes creates a recipe for disaster. Prevention is the best approach and in the absence of prevention, early intervention as well as ongoing periodontal maintenance can help keep the disease from progressing. Check below for more details on how your oral health can impact various parts of the body.

Choose Madison, TN Dentists at Madison Family Dental for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Do you have signs of gum disease, such as gingivitis (bleeding gums), or oral changes, sores that don’t heal, or gum discoloration and discomfort? Call our Madison dental office at (615) 455-8663 to book a gum assessment or scaling and root planing appointment as well as to discuss reducing your risk of systemic diseases. Doctors Law and Kshatri are known for a gentle and caring approach to all areas of dentistry including: periodontal disease, cosmetic dentistry, restorative, and preventative dentistry. Even those with an excellent oral regimen benefit from regular gum assessments. Taking care of your gums will help you keep your smile healthy as well as help you avoid boosting risk of deadly illnesses that are associated with periodontitis.

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