Madison Family Dental Can Help with Dental Insurance and Dental Financing

Are you looking to maximize your dental insurance? Do you need help navigating your plan to make the most of it for your oral health? Or do you need dental work done but don’t have adequate insurance (or any dental insurance)? In any of these cases, the team at Madison Family Dental would be happy to help.

If you have dental insurance you are fortunate to have a plan to assist you in maintaining your oral health. If you do not have dental insurance please know that it is a fact that regular preventative care and timely treatment saves you much in the long run and helps prevent tooth loss as well.

Dental insurance only became popular as a benefit in the mid-seventies and up until then many folks still placed their dental health high on the priority list and worthy of investment. Dental plans were intended to assist you paying for your treatment. This is unlike health plans that are designed to cover a very large portion of your medical expenses. Dental plans are subject to annual maximums.

Find the Madison Dentist that Accepts Your Dental Insurance

We currently participate as providers in three plans. We are a Delta Dental Premier provider and we also participate in Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee and Concordia.

We cannot participate in all plans and still provide you with the quality care that you deserve. We won’t compromise the quality of your treatment. Please remember that when you buy dental or medical care you are not purchasing a manufactured product. Instead you are purchasing a service: the time, skill, care and judgment of the providers.

Your employer or insurance company may present you with dental plans that promise you big savings by going to the dentists on their list. They even imply that you have to change to a dentist that they have selected. In most if not all cases you can still go to the dentists that you want to go to. Your benefits may be reduced some or you may have slightly more out of pocket expense but you have the choice to select any provider and take into account the quality and scope of treatment. Most dental plans have an annual maximum of $1000-$1500 regardless of who renders the treatment.

Get Answers to Dental Financing and Dental Insurance Questions

We are happy to answer your questions about dental plans and we will accept assignment of payments to us from the payer. Of course we will file the claims for you at no charge. Whether you need to discuss your existing dental insurance plan, need help with dental financing, or want to explore your options for family and cosmetic dentistry services in the greater Nashville area, our Madison, TN dental team is more than happy to help.

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