Madison Family Dental Implants

Madison Family Dental performs popular dental implant procedures to replace missing teeth. People in the Madison, Nashville area regain their smiles with dental implants from Madison Family Dental.

What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

When patients speak about dental implants, they’re usually referring to only the visible replacement tooth. Dentists, however, may use the term implant to talk about the entire structure of the tooth.

The first big step towards installing an implant is implanting a post. A post is a small metal bit of titanium that is planted upright in the jawbone. The post will serve as the new root for your tooth. Your old tooth had a root that held it in place. The post will do the same for the replacement tooth.

Atop the post, the dentist will attach an abutment which is the connector that will join your tooth to the post. Finally, the doctor secures the new tooth to the abutment.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Patients with conventional dentures often complain of the daily regimen. They soon grow tired of removing their dentures once or twice a day for a thorough cleaning. In contrast, implants aren’t removable at home, so you clean them the same way you clean your natural teeth.

Did you know that implants are highly stain-resistant? In fact, your natural teeth are more likely to stain than are implants. So, if you enjoy strong beverages or spicy foods, there’s no need to turn them down. As long as you maintain a daily habit of brushing and flossing, you can expect your implants to remain clean and attractive.

Denture wearers also have to endure the annoyance of their dentures slipping out of place. Besides being irritating, it can also be embarrassing when it happens during important business and social events. In addition to slippage, there’s also the telltale clicking or clacking sound the dentures can make when you’re speaking.

Implants, though, are securely anchored in place. You couldn’t make them slip if you tried. You can confidently speak, laugh, and eat during any special event you attend.

Because implants are permanently in place, there’s no need to have to hurriedly put your dentures in when you need to answer the phone or the door at unexpected hours.

Dental implants are usually possible at any age in adulthood. Some young adults request implants after injuries. For example, contact sports and extreme sports can easily cause tooth loss. Others may have suffered from a gum disease that led to the deterioration of several teeth.

Many of the patients wanting implants are those who are looking to switch from dentures. Some of these patients may have worn dentures for decades and be well into retirement. Regardless of their age, if their overall health is reasonably sound, they can be possible candidates for dental implants.

We welcome patients of all income levels and want everyone to benefit from good dental health. That’s why we offer dental financing to make implants possible for people who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

Whether dental implants or dentures are better for you is an opinion that the dentist will share with you after carefully considering your dental health. However, when given the option, many patients have chosen dental implants.

Implants are dependent upon the stability of the jawbone. So, dentists typically wait until a patient’s jawbone has fully matured. Once the patient has reached early adulthood, the jawbone normally has stopped developing.

Dental implants look like natural teeth. They have both the same shape and color as natural teeth. More importantly, the dentist will design your implants specifically to blend in with your natural teeth. Sometimes casual strangers will spot dentures, but even a trained eye will have trouble recognizing implants.

Typically, dental implant procedures require a series of visits to the office. The dentist wants to make sure that your implants are sound and will last a lifetime. Therefore, it’s necessary to work in conjunction with your body. The implant procedure will progress in stages. For example, after the dentist installs the posts, he’ll give your jawbone time to recover before continuing to the next step.

We know that lunchtime dental procedures are popular, but some things take time. In the long run, you’ll be pleased that it did.

Madison Family Dental enjoys an impressively high success rate with our dental implants which explains our equally high patient satisfaction rate. We would be pleased to help you learn more about dental implants, dentures, and other smile improvement options. Schedule a special $89 dental consultation to discover how we can put a smile back on your face.

Our dentists will gladly perform implant procedures for patients who need only one tooth replaced as well as those who need several new teeth. There’s no limit to how many teeth you can have replaced as long as you have a healthy jawbone.

Having missing teeth can impact your self-esteem. Even a single missing tooth can cause patients embarrassment and shame. While your tooth loss may not be your fault in any way, the fact is that others may judge you for having gaps in your smile.

Some of our patients who come into our dental clinic to talk about dental implants report a number of unhealthy behaviors. People with missing teeth often try not to laugh, or to cover their mouth with a hand or a napkin when they laugh. They may also try not to smile, or to smile with their lips closed. At our dentist office, we want our patients to feel comfortable laughing and smiling.

This self-consciousness can seep into other areas of your life. You may be reluctant to apply for a promotion or a new job. You may not ask for or accept dates and you may avoid going out with friends. Some people with missing teeth become reclusive, staying home alone or with family members.

This is unhealthy, and our dentist wants to help. The patients at our dental clinic who have gotten tooth implants report a big boost in confidence. They smile, laugh and go out all the time, enjoying their life in a way they never felt they could before.

Call our dentist office in Madison, TN, to make an appointment today for a consultation with our dentist to talk about getting a replacement tooth or multiple replacement teeth.

Some patients at our Madison, TN, dental clinic opt for dental bridges because they are cheaper than dental implants. But they don’t last as long and don’t function as well.

Dental bridges solve the cosmetic aspect of having a missing tooth, but they sit on the gumline, so they do nothing for jaw health. When you have a missing tooth, the jaw beneath begins to atrophy because it no longer has a tooth to support. When you choose to get a tooth implant, the titanium post our dentist implants acts as a tooth root, and the jaw stays strong and healthy.

Additionally, to place a bridge, our dentist must shave down the two healthy teeth that are on either side of the gap left by the missing tooth. A dental bridge is comprised of three prosthetic teeth, and the two on either end are cemented over your existing teeth to hold the tooth in the middle in place.

A dental bridge is not as strong as an implant, which is embedded in your jaw. An implant functions just like your natural teeth, while a dental bridge only lasts five to 15 years. When you think about how many dental bridges you may go through in a lifetime, a dental implant seems less expensive.

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