Gum disease is getting increasing press due to a number of systemic links as well as the fact that an overwhelming majority of the population has periodontal disease. This disease robs you of your smile and can cause major havoc with your health. There are some gum disease warning signs as well as some general health warning signs related to the gums that shouldn’t be ignored.

Bleeding Gums:

Blood in the sink when you brush your teeth is something you shouldn’t neglect. Gingivitis is a sign of gum disease and it’s important to know that while not every case of gingivitis leads to gum disease, every case of gum disease started with gingivitis.

Loose Teeth, Gum Pain & Gum Sores

Newly loosened teeth (without any reason you’re aware of such as trauma or other dental injury) Pain in the gums needs to be investigated. The same goes for gum sores, which could be due to an abscessed tooth. These things might or might not be a sign of gum disease or anything too serious but gum pain should be addressed and gum disease and other problems, such as oral cancer ruled out.

Health Concerns Related to Gum Disease

If you’ve got cardiovascular disease or have had a stroke, or if you’ve had warnings from your doctor about your risk levels with stroke and heart disease, you need to pay close attention to gum health. Poor gum health can increase your risk in these areas.

Diabetes is another concern — a big one! If you have diabetes, gum disease can make blood sugar level control difficult. If you have diabetes, you need to pay extra attention to your gums. And conversely, diabetics have increased gum disease, which can destroy the teeth as well as cause other health problems so diabetics should pay extra attention to their gums.

About Madison Family Dental and Periodontal Services

The longer gum disease is left untreated the more damage it can cause. You could lose teeth as well as put yourself at greater risk for a number of systemically linked diseases and conditions. Madison Family Dental will check your teeth and gums at every dental check-up and offers gum disease treatment and periodontal maintenance programs for those who are trying to stop periodontal disease from progressing. Contact us for an appointment and protect your smile, your gums, and reduce your chances of problems associated with gum disease.

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