Gum Disease Linked to Chronic Respiratory Problems

Medical research has more people than ever on alert for signs of gum disease. Periodontal health is getting increasing attention due to the fact that beyond tooth loss, the far-reaching impact includes cardiovascular health, the respiratory system, blood sugar, and more. Systemic links include cancer, ulcers, and dramatically higher risk of stroke and heart disease. The respiratory system can be particularly impacted by gum disease but the team at Madison Family Dental can help. We can do a gum assessment, treat gum disease, and help those living with gum disease with periodontal maintenance, too.


Periodontal Disease and the Lungs

Bacteria that lives in the mouth on a continuous basis due to periodontal disease is in the bloodstream and is inhaled into the respiratory system. It’s believed that for this reason it can contribute to instances of bacterial pneumonia as well as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder). The longer gum disease goes untreated the more chronic respiratory problems get.


Systemic Links

If you have constant problems with respiratory infections and have signs of gum disease, treatment is important. In addition to periodontal disease’s connection to respiratory infections, the associated bacteria can also boost your chances of other health problems. Your risk for heart attack, stroke, and cancer of the blood, kidneys, and pancreas can also be increased.

The sooner you deal with gum disease, the better. And the longer it is left untreated, the more chances of tooth loss, respiratory infections, and other health issues.

Madison Family Dental: Periodontal Disease Treatments and Prevention

If you’re one of the 80% of the population with gum disease, Madison Family Dental can help. Our doctors and our staff are committed to excellence in every element of our practice. We would be pleased to assess your gums, talk about the treatment options, as well as help with other dental issues, too.

Dr. Raj  and their Madison dental team can help with gum assessments periodontal treatment, and cosmetic and preventative dentistry.

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