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If you are interested in finding a new dentist in the Nashville or Madison area, look no further than Madison Family Dental. We offer everything from dental cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and gum disease treatment to help with bruxism and TMJ, veneers, dental implants, and more. Madison Family Dental has the skills and the dental technology to help you get and keep a gorgeous smile.

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TMJ and Headaches

Is TMJ Giving You Headaches?

There are a lot of possible reasons for headaches but you might not realize that the ones that are sometimes difficult to diagnose can be helped after a visit to your dentist. Headaches can often be caused by TMJ. This disorder can have a number of symptoms and many people simply endure these painful symptoms. Dr. Raj of Madison Family Dental are very well-versed with TMJ treatments.

Stop TMJ Pain

If TMJ is the cause of your headaches, there are a variety of options to stop TMJ pain. After an assessment we can review treatment options that may include jaw exercises, anti-inflammatory medications, a customized mouth splint that can be worn at night, and other options. The Madison Family Dental team can leverage neuromuscular dentistry approaches that can stop the jaw from locking, clicking, causing radiating pain in the ears, behind the eyes, and general headaches.

TMJ could even cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and back, too. TMJ treatments are just a phone call away.

A lot of things can cause TMJ. Tension and stress can lead to jaw clenching. Dental bite problems can also put undue stress on the temporomandibular joint. Trauma to the jaw could also be to blame. Regardless of the reasons for TMJ, there is help available.

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TMJ Help

Whether you know you have TMJ or simply suspect it, we would be pleased to offer an assessment as well as treatment to help with symptoms as well as prevent those symptoms from recurring. The Madison Family Dental team has a great reputation for putting patients of all ages at ease. Our comfortable office, helpful and caring staff members, and our knowledgeable dentists can help you find the best way forward in your quest to eliminate headaches and other symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorder.

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Our Popular Procedures


Our Popular Procedures


Madison Family Dental goes beyond the ordinary services of the average dental office. In addition to the routine cleaning and x-rays, we perform everything from tooth whitening to treatment for TMJ pain. Many of our patients are surprised to learn the connection between dental health and ailments that seem far removed from problems of the teeth and gums. For example, we also successfully use dentistry to address sleep apnea.

Additionally, we provide a range of periodontal services to keep your gums healthy. We educate our patients on the importance of staying alert for early signs of gum problems because they can easily lead to even more serious issues. Good gum hygiene is crucial for our patients who also struggle with diabetes.

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