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If you are interested in finding a new dentist in the Nashville or Madison area, look no further than Madison Family Dental. We offer everything from dental cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and gum disease treatment to help with bruxism and TMJ, veneers, dental implants, and more. Madison Family Dental has the skills and the dental technology to help you get and keep a gorgeous smile.

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Ulcers and Periodontal Disease

Untreated Gum Disease Boosts Your H.Pylori and Ulcer Risk

An overwhelming percentage of the population in Madison and the greater Nashville area have some degree of gum disease. Did you know that gum disease is linked with ulcers and h. pylori bacteria? Ulcers and h.pylori bacteria are part of a long list of systemic links to periodontal disease. The larger the pockets surrounding your teeth, the bigger the risk of health problems that come as a result of an ongoing bacterial infection. Over time, the pockets around your teeth can grow and become bacterial breeding grounds and that bacteria can continually enter the bloodstream, impacting the health of your lungs, your digestive system, and more.

Gum disease can cause tooth loss and while destroying your gums it will elevate the risk of a variety of diseases and problems, including ulcers and h.pylori and h.pylori is strongly linked to stomach cancer. Madison Family Dental can help you avoid tooth loss as well as the other problems associated with periodontal disease.

Other Periodontal Disease Systemic Links

Along with ulcers and h.pylori you could also put yourself at elevated risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, increase risk of type 2 diabetes or cause complications with type 1 diabetes. You can also increase your risk of recurring respiratory infections, boost the risk of preterm birth for pregnant women, and the list goes on. Gum disease really is very destructive and linked to the health of the mouth as well as the entire human body.

Madison Dentists Help Reduce Risks of Gum Disease

Choose Madison Family Dental for all your oral health concerns. We get great dental reviews and every check-up includes a gum assessment and if Dr. Raj determines that you need help stopping gum disease from progressing we offer periodontal treatment options right here.

Our Madison dental office is also known for preventative  dentistry services as well as beautiful cosmetic dental procedures that can improve your smile.

We want to help you have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible. We have a great reputation as greater Nashville and Madison area dentists who care.

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Madison Family Dental

Our Popular Procedures


Our Popular Procedures


Madison Family Dental goes beyond the ordinary services of the average dental office. In addition to the routine cleaning and x-rays, we perform everything from tooth whitening to treatment for TMJ pain. Many of our patients are surprised to learn the connection between dental health and ailments that seem far removed from problems of the teeth and gums. For example, we also successfully use dentistry to address sleep apnea.

Additionally, we provide a range of periodontal services to keep your gums healthy. We educate our patients on the importance of staying alert for early signs of gum problems because they can easily lead to even more serious issues. Good gum hygiene is crucial for our patients who also struggle with diabetes.

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